Whitby Brewery

The brewery tap is open again!

The brewery tap is open again!

We've been hard at work getting the brewery tap COVID-secure, and had our sneaky re-opening on Saturday! 

It went well and everyone seems to understand the new system, which was nice. Make sure you follow these steps when you come up for a pint:

Step 1 - Find an empty table

Step 2 - Choose what you want from the menus

Step 3 - One person from each group queues outside

Step 4 - Order, pay and collect at the bar

Step 5 - Exit into the brewery

Then enjoy!

I'd really like to thank everyone who's supported us through lockdown by ordering on our online shop - it's really been a great help. Because of your support we've so far got through this mess relatively unscathed, thanks so much for that. I hope to see you up at the brewery soon :)