Whitby Brewery

Brewery Closed due to Pandemic

Brewery Closed due to Pandemic

It sounds like something from some dystopian sci-fi novel, and I can't quite believe I'm typing these words, but today we have closed the brewery tap and shop because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Things have moved extremely quickly in recent days. On Friday we closed the taproom after the announcement that all pubs had to close. We kept the brewery shop open on Saturday on a very restricted basis - only off-licence sales over the counter out of the front door, with only contactless payments being accepted. 

After seeing photos of Whitby town centre we became unnerved by the masses of people not heeding social distancing rules - Whitby seemed packed with tourists! We have a responsibility to our town and don't want to encourage people to travel to Whitby unnecessarily. That is why this morning (Sunday 22nd March) we have decided to close our shop as well.

Now that the government has announced that they will pay 80% of staff wages, we should be able to weather this storm without laying anybody off. Our priority is to ensure everyone's health and wellbeing, so this was the only decision we could make.

Our online shop remains open for the time being, we'll be reviewing this daily as the apocalypse unfolds...

Stay safe, stay at home, drink beer!