Whitby Brewery

Experimental Brewery

Moving the main brewery to larger premises near Whitby Abbey in 2016 has given us the space to experiment - and we have big plans!

Our original brewing equipment at our Larpool location will be used to help us create a series of small-batch experimental beers. We've got lots of ideas - and there's plenty of inspiration in the world of micro-breweries at the moment.

We'll be selling our small-batch experimental productions online and probably at markets and special events as they become available. But each batch will be strictly limited - available on a first come, first served basis only!

Stay tuned for more details - we'll keep you informed via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and our news page as things get going!

Experimental Brewing

“Back where it all began, the Experimental Brewery gives us the opportunity to try new ideas."

“It’s Somewhere we can push the boundaries and create something truly unique."