Whitby Brewery


ABBEY BLONDE - 3.8% (4.2% in bottle)

A light blonde ale with a zesty, crisp finish. A crisp maltiness is complimented by the floral sherbet of Styrian Bobek hops, making Abbey Blonde a deliciously refreshing summer beer.

Tasting Notes


A fruity bitter with a malty, citrus flavour and a not too intense bitter finish. The combination of both East Kent and Styrian Golding hops give Whitby Whaler a pleasantly fruity full flavour. This beer should be quaffed heartily.

Tasting Notes

JET BLACK - 4.5%

A finely balanced porter packed with liquorice, coffee and sweet toffee. A deliciously creamy mouth feel and the generous use of Roasted Barley and Chocolate Malt makes drinking Jet Black porter a truly luxurious experience.

Tasting Notes


A stout originally produced for the Whitby Goth Weekend. Full of liquorice with hints of chocolate and coffee. Black Death takes the best qualities of our Jet Black porter and pushes them further, producing a stronger beer that is just as luxurious.

Tasting Notes

PLATFORM 3 - 3.6%

Brewed especially for the Station Inn in Whitby, this nutty pale ale has a smooth citrus finish. The use of Fuggles hops gives Platform 3 a pleasant bitterness that works with nuttiness of the malt to produce a truly unique and very easy drinking beer.

Tasting Notes

Saltwick Nab - 4.2%

A full bodied dark ruby ale with a pleasantly fruity finish. A generous helping of crystal malt adds body, filling out the fruitiness of the Aurora and East Kent Golding hops and rounding off this well balanced best bitter.

Tasting Notes

IPA - 5.2%

A delightfully hoppy IPA with strong notes of passion fruit and grapefruit. The generous use of New World hops makes this a bright and refreshing IPA that should appeal to the most discerning hop-heads.

Tasting Notes

Smuggler's Gold - 4.2%

Extremely easy drinking and moreish. The use of pale barley gives a deliciously smooth maltiness which is then lifted slightly with the spiciness of Goldings hops. A fine golden ale that can be drunk all night long.