Whitby Brewery

The Founders

Our Founders

Whitby Brewery is a local firm - founded by a Whitby family and supported by local tradespeople. We're proud to be Whitby through and through!

The Wells Family

Whitby Brewery was originally conceived by Richard Wells, and with the support of his dad, Norman, and brother Ben, the idea was brough to life.

Richard has always had the enviable knack of being able to turn his hand to pretty much anything - and that includes brewing! And of course, he loves beer - so creating a micro-brewery was an easy decision.

Richard's older brother Ben runs another Whitby business, Lemon and Lime on Church Street. With a degree in maths and excellent business and programming skills, Ben has helped behind the scenes, writing the software which manages the brewery's processes.

Richard and Ben's dad Norman has also been an invaluable partner in the process. With years of experience in creating and managing chemical plants, Norman has overseen the development of what is not a semi-automated brewing process, ensuring brewing quality and reliability is kept as high as possible.

The Support of Others

Richard, Ben and Norman would like to thank everyone else who has had a hand in creating Whitby Brewery. In so many ways this has been a community project which would not have been possible without the support of the wider community of Whitby.

From the local tradespeople who've provide invaluable experience in setting up the brewery, to those who've championed local produce and given Whitby Brewery ales space on their bars or shelves. And of course those who've chosen to drink Whitby Brewery beers - we are grateful, thank you!