Whitby Brewery

A Team of Brewery Craftsmen

Whitby Brewery has been producing delightfully delicious Yorkshire ales since 2013. 

The brewery itself was built by hand by local Whitby craftsmen and has proven to be perfect for brewing cracking Yorkshire ales.

We use only the finest floor-malted barley and whole hops to make what we think are some of the best beers about.

Brewery Equipment

Combining Experience, Technology and Passion for Excellence

We're dedicated to creating the best beers possible. To help us succeed we've developed bespoke technology to help manage our brewing processes. Combine this with our passion for excellence and it's clear we're heading in the right direction!

Richard Wells

Founder and Head Brewer

“I just love beer. Absolutely love it.”

Richard Wells

Richard Wells

Founded with One Aim

Whitby Brewery was founded with one aim - to brew the finest beers around.

It's been an exciting 3 years since we produced our first beers and now we've moved to our larger premises we're ready to take Whitby Brewery to the next stage.

Our commitment to quality, the dedication of our staff and our driving passion means we're always learning, developing and improving our recipes and our processes.

“Brewed in the shadow of the Abbey, perched on Whitby’s iconic cliff top. this is no ordinary brewery, this is Whitby Brewery.”

Beer and Abbey

Supplying Pubs, Bars, Restaurants and Shops Around the UK

Whitby Brewery has quickly gained an excellent reputation, with our beers now available in a large number of pubs, bars, restaurants and shops in Whitby, North Yorkshire and further afield.

Having moved into larger premised in 2016, we're looking forward to an exciting future. We have the space to fulfill larger orders but we're also committed to small-batch innovation in brewing, and our Experimental Brewery is testiment to that.

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